Deciding To Move Abroad

Did you know there are 195 countries divided across 7 continents in the world today? I mean I didn’t count them or anything. I’m just regurgitating information that took me 10 seconds to look up on google. So don’t be impressed with the fact I knew that. Actually I’m sure thats relatively basic geographical knowledge so perhaps you should be concerned with the fact I didn’t know that. Theres no shame in not knowing simple trivia. There are so many things we have to keep up with these days some of it has to be expunged at some point.IMG_1036

So let’s take a look at some bigger numbers. There are over 7.5 billion people in the world today. And work with me here. Math was never much of a strong point for me. So I am going to do the best that I can with the skills that I have. There are 60 seconds in a minute. Earth shattered. 60 minutes in an hour. Ground shaking beneath our feet. and 24 hours in a day. That sound you hear, is all the minds being blown. All kidding aside. That gives us 86,400 seconds in a day. And roughly 31,536,000 seconds per year. That means if you met a new person every second of every day it would take you over 237 years to meet every single person on the planet. And by then I’m guessing you’d have to start over.IMG_1037

So even with 237 years time you couldn’t get to know everyone. Learn about their likes, their dislikes. All the things that make people who they are. All the individuality that makes the world such an amazing, mysterious place. With all those people. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to experience at least some small part of it? Owe it to ourselves to envelop ourselves in a culture thats different from that of our own. To meet people who think, act, speak, differently than ourselves, in an effort to understand what makes us all human. What connects us all when so many parts of the world today try to use our differences to tear us apart. How much better a world would we live in if we tried to understand and respect each other differences? Instead of use those differences to separate us.

So aside from the people what is going to make this new place any different than where I already am? Why would a new location make me more at peace with where I am in life?

This kind of goes back to that age old expression the grass is always greener on the other side. And its been used to deter people from looking across the fence, to dissuade them from thinking it will be better somewhere else. But isn’t it true at least some of the time? Not to say you should live life with a general sense of dissatisfaction, but the grass is in fact sometimes greener on the other side. And I think it depends what you’re looking at the other side for. If you’re running from something, or just malcontent with the things you have I could see it as a negative. But if its born from the simple desire to want better for yourself, or to see more for yourself. Should we not all be looking for greener pastures? I realize I’m spreading the phrase a little thin. Placing a little of my own context on it. But it serves my purpose in illustrating that sometimes, jumping the fence and reaching for what’s on the other side is in our best interest. And when done with the right motives, should be encouraged.

So all these locations, all these people, how do you go about choosing one? Is there a place that can satiate that need to be apart of some place new? Is just one location going to be enough will that simply feed the fire that already burns inside to see different parts of this world? Is trying to answer all the questions simply a battle in futility? If it is, all journeys must start somewhere. And picking a first destination is just as exciting as it is important. Nothing gets the blood flowing quite like picking a spot on the map and stopping at nothing until you get there.

So lets pick that spot on the map….


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